Give it a shot (All the way through)

So I’m inspired by the great Cassie G. and figured I’d do my own Muse Monday, but not on Monday… that’s my day off 😉

So instead, I’m calling it “Give It A Shot”…meaning listen to the whole song! Dare ya! These will be songs that helped me through the rough times, inspired great ideas, or just make me happy! This first one will possibly be the longest, but really, it’s so worth it!


Comfort in your eyes…I thank you my child (old pics)


This, is me, the momma.. 




This is my darling girl, Alyssa (I call her Lyss, Lyssa Ann) , depending on the urgency of her being in trouble, or not… 🙂





Yeah… She likes to think she owns the place, but ha! I pay the bills here woman! 🙂





Actually, this guy owns the place…

Ok. They both do 🙂 They own every space of my heart.




Ok, until they punch me out.. That’s totally not fair! Lol




“Oh no, momma! Are you ok?! ” 





“Yeah, but that was kind of a ‘whammy!’ Ouch”




“I’m sorry!” ….to be continued!



Ok, I know that was super cheesy but, I did want to have just a slide show of photos.. I want to eventually get more pics up to catch up til now! 🙂 See us on!


My Tattoo Blog :)

Just wanted to show off the good, the bad, and the worst of my tattoos. I’m making better decisions as life goes on… I promise! 🙂

ImageThis is the beginning of my cover-up tattoo… It was a Japanese symbol for “riot”…yes in my punk rock days…lol.. It wasn’t even the full symbol. I covered it up with my dedication to my Las Vegas life (card suits)….it still needs some work!


Almost done!


It’s a dark shot! But that’s for 10+ years in Vegas. Where I call my hometown. So many great memories ❤



Same day after I got my Vanek/Alyssa tattoo… the loves of my kids… Their names are woven into the branches 🙂



My orchids on my calf that I want to add to. You can kind of see the floating hearts on my ankle too. Poorly done, but that wasn’t professional 




Dedication to my good friend Jayme R. Locascio… Such a sweet guy. He was the one that made me feel like a sweetie because he always called me sweetheart.



Red roses behind my ear. Kind of got the design from my grandparent’s bathroom papercups. Lol! I fell in love with it and kept it for years until I actually got the tattoo..



This is all for now. I have more but I ca’t find the photos. I’ll take the rest later 🙂



I wonder what happens if I hit the Cray button?

I guarantee the whole place starts jumpin!

“Throw chin up in the air because you don’t care!”


Anyways… This is how I feel about this point in my life. It’s sad I don’t have physical friends here in town to interact with because the drama is beyond what I can stand. I have my bestie in AZ that makes everything better no matter what. I have my boyfriend and kids that always see my side of things and can relate, even though my bf is friends with those whom will not contact me, even though it was not my fault this got out of hand. 
At this point, I just could really give a *darn* less than be around that drama anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love those people still, and I’m the easiest person to make up with…. but I stress a lot as is, and I’m not the fighter type…so I will not subject myself to that anymore until they can straighten out their problems in life. I always tried to help with other people’s problems until I realized, hey, I have problems that I need to deal with first. As Papa Roach said in Scars,

“I can’t help you fix yourself
But at least I can say I tried
I’m sorry but I gotta move on with my own life”

I have to live my own. OH! That reminds me of KMK in Tangerine Sky..

” What if you were livin’ yours in stead of hatin’ mine?”

Even living in Las Vegas, NV for most of my life, I have never seen so drama concentrated in one area! Gosh! It makes me want to act like I died and move somewhere else to start new. This town is the hardest place to get along with anyone. I realized if you didn’t grow up here with people, you’re a complete outcast. What a place to end up having your first kid, then a second, to where you’re stuck around these arrogant people. Arghhh! 🙂 At least I have the few in my life to keep me smiling and those that aren’t, to keep me on my toes.

Positive Vibe

10 things I love as of today about my life:

  1. First and foremost, I’m actually really happy with the diet I’m on. It took a month and a half to really start noticing the results, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! The story behind this is, a few months ago I realized my highest weight. It surpassed my heavy stage in high school, and was just as much as I weighed 9 months pregnant with my kids. That point, I had to do something. Every diet has been a struggle for me and hardly anything worked for my constant hunger for food. I discovered J’Dera from a lady that worked next door to my work. I noticed her weight loss and I just HAD to ask. It has completely suppressed my appetite to the point where I have to remind myself to eat 3 times a day.  The first month was weird on it, I just felt funny, lost sleep, yet I was up early and go go go. The 2nd month is better by far. I’ve lost 10lbs so far, with little exercise, and eating the same stuff I did before, but get much fuller, faster. It’s a miracle, and I’m so happy.
  2. My beautiful, very funny, smart kids. My son is going to be 5 soon. I’ve had dreams of preparing for his special birthday. Exceeding in Pre K, very lovable, kind hearted, I couldn’t ask more for a son. My daughter will be 2 in July. She is one of the funniest kids I’ve ever come across. Constantly making faces at us just to make us laugh, impressing us with her steady learning (Almost knowing the ABC’s and can count to 3). She’s the most adorable, loving, friendly little kids ever. My mom told me I need to be careful because she will walk up to anyone and just cuddle them forever. She’s afraid one day someone will steal her away. ImageImage
  3. My amazing boyfriend. He’s so talented with his guitar. It makes me melt when I hear his guitar squeal. Together 3 years and stronger than ever. He’s mister fix everything too. Such a plus! Makes me laugh, constantly there to talk/vent to, so cuddly! Love that man.


  4. My very wonderful, helpful parents. I could do this all without them, but they make life so much easier. My mom babysits the kids while I work, to avoid child care costs. My dad (actually my step-dad) is another very awesome mister fix it. They help me find things for my apartment when I can’t afford it and am dealing with the worst. I love them with all my heart, and couldn’t imagine not having their love and support. (Getting teary eyed! Lol)
  5. My job. It’s not the best paying or even enough hours, but it’s so easy going. I love the people I work with (my boyfriend being one of them!). My boss is very understanding with my schedule with the kids and sick days are not such gut wrenching torture to call about. Plus I get to see all kinds of cool musical instruments that come in weekly! It always feels like Christmas!
  6. My best friend, Zanna, of about 13 years. We’ve been through thick and thin of any possible situation you can think of. Although it makes me sad a lot because I can’t see her daily now. We live about 800 miles apart. When I first met her, she was my neighbor on the Nellis AFB. I knew at that moment, this girl was trouble, and I didn’t like it. I’d sit in my front yard with my albino corn snake, and glare as she went to check the mail. Then my mom forced me to go see her and say hi. This moment always cracks me up til this day. *Knock knock* My mom made me come over here to say hi. (Then she was embarrassed to tell me she was just watching Buffy… but I had to admit, I watched it too). We really hit it off, and for once, my gut instinct was wrong. I just have had real difficulties being friends with girls. I wouldn’t change a thing. I love you to death, Zanna Bear! ❤
  7. Discovering some really awesome books & authors because of my wonderful Christmas present from mom, my Kindle Fire!
    Sanctum by Sarah Fine is my most recent book I’d recommend to anyone. It had my eyes glued to it whenever my kids would allow it.
    I came across Cassandra Giovanni on Facebook, recommended by my best friend’s mom. I have yet had the chance to dig into one of her masterpieces, but very soon, I will! Just reading what she’s all about in her genre and the summaries of them all, has me hooked already. And she writes kids books! I will have to get one for my babies!  
    Last, Cameron Jace. He writes the Grimm Diaries Prequels. Such a cool twist to stories I grew up with. And a very nice guy that actually takes the time to respond to his many fans. How do you find the time?!
  8. Living comfortably. And the ability to cook fairly well. I was an instant master griller, and I’ve been very impressed with myself.. Lol
  9. I have a reliable car. Although it looks like poop! At least (like my dad says) it gets me from point A to point B.
  10. My artistic mind in more ways than one. I have painted a few things that I am pretty impressed with. I have a knack for photography & editing. And my dreams keep me thinking. I wouldn’t think they’re the normal type. I might write something on them another time. 🙂