Comfort in your eyes…I thank you my child (old pics)


This, is me, the momma.. 




This is my darling girl, Alyssa (I call her Lyss, Lyssa Ann) , depending on the urgency of her being in trouble, or not… 🙂





Yeah… She likes to think she owns the place, but ha! I pay the bills here woman! 🙂





Actually, this guy owns the place…

Ok. They both do 🙂 They own every space of my heart.




Ok, until they punch me out.. That’s totally not fair! Lol




“Oh no, momma! Are you ok?! ” 





“Yeah, but that was kind of a ‘whammy!’ Ouch”




“I’m sorry!” ….to be continued!



Ok, I know that was super cheesy but, I did want to have just a slide show of photos.. I want to eventually get more pics up to catch up til now! 🙂 See us on!


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