My Tattoo Blog :)

Just wanted to show off the good, the bad, and the worst of my tattoos. I’m making better decisions as life goes on… I promise! 🙂

ImageThis is the beginning of my cover-up tattoo… It was a Japanese symbol for “riot”…yes in my punk rock days…lol.. It wasn’t even the full symbol. I covered it up with my dedication to my Las Vegas life (card suits)….it still needs some work!


Almost done!


It’s a dark shot! But that’s for 10+ years in Vegas. Where I call my hometown. So many great memories ❤



Same day after I got my Vanek/Alyssa tattoo… the loves of my kids… Their names are woven into the branches 🙂



My orchids on my calf that I want to add to. You can kind of see the floating hearts on my ankle too. Poorly done, but that wasn’t professional 




Dedication to my good friend Jayme R. Locascio… Such a sweet guy. He was the one that made me feel like a sweetie because he always called me sweetheart.



Red roses behind my ear. Kind of got the design from my grandparent’s bathroom papercups. Lol! I fell in love with it and kept it for years until I actually got the tattoo..



This is all for now. I have more but I ca’t find the photos. I’ll take the rest later 🙂




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